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We are loving having a desk in our new home!

Our table seats four comfortably... a nice change from our little Clyde.

This is the view I have as I sit in my easy...

We made it to Livingston and have been safely parked in a pull through at Rainbow's End RV Park for a couple of days. While here we have had both Grumbles and Tiny inspected and then done all required at the Tax Assessor's office to get our Texas plates which are now attached as they should be.

Willis also put new mud flaps on Grumbles. Grumbles only had one (the other one was lost before we got him) and because they are a custom cut size it required Willis to cut and design his own. He got the materials he needed at the Auto Zone and did a lovely job of fitting Grumbles with spiffy new mud flaps. Willis is also organizing all the hoses, fittings, tools, etc. that came with Tiny in her "basement".

I am using this time to reorganize the stuff we tossed into Tiny from Clyde during our quick "move over" between vehicles. I also bought place mats and a few other comfort items for our new home and then Mark and Julia surprised us with a package containing a new top of the line 6-quart Crock Pot! A very thoughtful gift and now I have room to carry one with us on the road!

We plan on leaving for the Rio Grande Valley tomorrow morning. It has rained on us so much this trip so I am hoping it clears up as we drive down there. Grumbles' new mud flaps are getting a real workout!

Happy Travels,


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