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Dalaba United



An hour up the road, literally as it's 1200 meters above sea level and one of the highest towns in the Fouton, was Dalaba. At least this town had a choice of a couple of decent hotels, the one we chose had rooms with double beds for 35000GF and one room with two double beds for 40000. I took what looked like the best of the 35k rooms and thought the other two would share the bigger room but oh no, to save 25p each they took one of the rooms with only one bed.

Getting fed here was as difficult as before, everywhere only opened in the evening and being very hungry I had to make do with a baguette, fortunately I'd been carrying a tin of pate with me for a while so made myself a sarne. The bread was very crumbly and I ended up with a pile of breadcrumbs on the floor. I decided to have a lie-down and withinga few minutes a couple of mice came out from under the wardrobe and started eating them. I decided I didn't want to share my room with mice so rigged up a mousetrap to try to humanely remove them, it didn't work as they just jumped out of the plastic bag every time I caught them. After a while of sitting still I realised that I actually had a good dozen mice plus in the room so went to reception and got them to change my room. I soon discovered that every room had mice, especially when I heard banging and crashing from next door and realised that the Honkories had them too. In the evening the hotel restaurant opened and we all ordered the same, beef with petit pois. Half a kilo of salt less and it might have been edible.

Next day we went for a very pleasant walk to find a waterfall and lake, the tourist office had very bad 11 year old directions and obviously they other 2 refused to pay for a guide so we were lucky to find the lake but didn't get a sniff of the waterfall. That evening Kerry wanted to find an internet connection so we followed a signpost for a cybercafe but found nothing, a group of young kids were playing football and minding their own business so he asked them the way. They dropped their game, it was getting very dark anyway, and let us all through the back streets of the town to a private house that has an internet connection. Apparently they let people pay to use it however they said it was too late and to come back the following day. By now it was completely dark but the kids led us along a series of tracks and dropped us outside the door of the hotel, I was as shocked as the kids when he didn't give them anything for their efforts. I decided that that was the last straw and i was heading off on my own the next morning.

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