Ed & Marion -Yuma bound 2018-19 travel blog

Another tune up for Ed today at his favorite Dr.

We met another fellow in the office this am, from Medicine Hat who had major problems after breaking his ankle. After that operation and a period of sitting around in pain,it made a huge change in his lifestyle,he gained 30 pounds. He heard about Dr Maxwell from someone and since then,with the injections he is back in the saddle again and lost those 30 pounds because he is back out hiking again. he was very impressed.

AND after convincing his wife who refused to have her very sore knee looked at ,she finally agreed,had the prolo and now raves about it. Its awesome listening to previous prolo patients talking about their pain level now being either mostly gone or at a more tolerable level and people getting their lives back on track.

And....Ed is good for another year or more with his hip, shoulders, and neck all receiving new "life" again. RAH RAH.

Unfortunately for Ed,Marion will not be accepting any excuses from him now regarding those walks and hikes!

Forgot to mention that someone seen a tarantula in their RV lot this week. I better remember that because quite ofter I have to crawl under the RV to open our grey water valve to dump. I would surely bang my head on the frame if we were to meet!

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