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Hiking the McDade Trail

Roadie on Fallen Leaves

Green Carpeted Trail

Autumn Silhouettes

2016-10-28. Last Stop

For our last stop of this Roadie-Oh trip, we traveled to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to the Thousand Trails campground, Timothy Lake South where we spent a lot of time each year. Autumn has certainly waned here with most of the leaves off the trees. Naturally, the evening we arrived, it began to rain and then snow but only a little ice formed over night. The following day was awful though with a cold rain falling all through the day. Today, it was still cold, not reaching more than 45 all day with a fierce, cold wind making it feel much colder. Even so, we took a long hike along the McDade trail that runs along the Delaware River for about 32 miles. We only hiked about three of the 32 but it was a very hilly, strenuous walk though you wouldn’t know it to watch Roadie joyously frolic in the leaves and race up and down the trail . He had a blast and for me, watching him was like watching a toddler giggle when leaping into a leaf pile; you can’t help but feel happy. While we can’t wait to see all our family and friends, it is always sad to end a trip. We’ve been able to “run away” for awhile but, at least for a few months, we’ll be back into the swing of our responsibilities at home by this weekend. It was a great trip despite not seeing the buffalo roundup. We saw lots of bison, goats and other wildlife and beautiful scenery. Seriously, go to South Dakota! You could spend weeks there and never see all that the state has to offer. For now, signing off.

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