John and Janet 2015 Alabama travel blog






Kentucky Artisan Center

It is a travel day. We get on 75N with the intention of taking 25W which parallels the interstate. We soon realize that we need to stay on the interstate at least through northern Tennessee. There is a lot of climbing.

We cross the border into Kentucky. There is less climbing but it is mountainous nonetheless. We stay on the interstate. Near Renfro Valley we encounter road construction. This is one of the things we hate about the interstate.

We pass the construction area but decide it is time to take a break. We see a sign for the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea. This turns out to be a perfect stop for us.

The center is beautiful. We shop and have a nice lunch. We get information about the town of Berea. There is a college here and an Artisan Village.

The only problem in Berea is the traffic. Everyone who got off the interstate to avoid the construction ends up here!

We check into a campground. Tomorrow, we will explore.

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