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We worked out charging laptop while on solar and then were out of range for a while. Anyway, thought I should let you know we are still ok and where we are.

Since my last visit we went on our pub crawl, which ended up being one put as there was a lady playing the saxaphone and she was brilliant and we even had a dance. Very late night and home be 10 lol! The rest of our time at Winton didn't vary much except for changing neighbours.

The night before Barry's birthday we decided it was time to move and he decided he would like pizza for his birthday dinner - Eagleboys Pizza to be precise! The only one is at Longreach so the next morning we finally left Winton after two weeks and drove to Longreach. We were quite excited to be in a metropolis after so long and it was good for the time we were there. No pizza for dinner though as we found a lovely little restaurant and sat outside. Barry had a sparkler in his sticky date pudding.

The next morning we left the waterhole at Longreach, but Barry decided he wanted to put the sway bars on as we were going to drive along a narrow, windy, bumpy road. He is struggling to get them on with his sore knee, so the plan was for me to lift and him to kick them over. The first two were fine, but the third one was not......it was so heavy that I bent my knees and place me feet under the drawbar. Stupid, stupid me! The bar sprang from my hand and hit me on my big toe. Luckily I had shoes on. I said 'I am just going in to the 'van' and then gave a guy who heard the bar drop a cheery morning, climbed in the van and had a bit of a cry while Barry put an icepack on. I now have a lovely red and black stripey toe! Lesson learnt and we will be a lot more careful in future.

Took the shortest route to Muttaburra, which was extremely bumpy and dusty, but the 'van handled it well. We are camping in the bush outside Muttaburra. Yesterday we went to the races and I picked a horse for each race. My first one came second and the one that won in the third race, Barry hadn't put a bet on! We had a great day and spent it with a couple that were camping further down from us. When we met them the day we got here they insisted on us sharing their stew, so we didn't want to offend and had a great night by their campfire. They had their Jack Russell with them, so we had a great time with her. They left this morning with the offer of staying with them on our way down in Albury.

We have been for a walk and it is now time to take our chairs down to the river bank to read and watch pelicans.

Over and out,

M & B xx

PS. Next stop will probably be Roses at Barcaldine - so excited about going there again!

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