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Outside of the stock exchange building - the hub of the town...

Inside the Stock Exchange

These are the original tiles inside the Stock Exchange

One of the pubs that survived being demolished - currently being restored.

And of course the banks prospered at this time as well due...

Pressed metal ceilings, stained glass and beautiful lighting (would have been gas...

Even the simpler houses did not miss out on some form of...

Beautiful old building just been sold for $5550,00 - will cost that...

Drains built to take away the water when it rains (or as...

One of the many examples of the BEAUTIFUL flowers that thrive in...


How gorgeous is this tree


This was the Catholic convent for the Sisters of Mercy

Old miners cottage - note on gate reads 'Sorry no worms' ?!

Just fabulous

In for a closer look - related to the poinsettia family

City Hall

Ken at entrance to City Hall

This was the old Telegraph station - bit fancier than the others...

Old department store - now a Target store

Old display windows leading into department store - note the leadlight

Inside same building - don't build them like this anymore!!

Had originally only booked in for one night at Charters Towers but after looking at the brochures we decided to extend it for another night and have a look around town. And guess what – I think we will be here for a few more days yet – it is such a lovely little place.

We headed into the town center and Ken dropped me off with the intention of going off and having a game of golf. I had a short walk up one street then decided to head into the information center for a town map. When I walked in a man approached me and asked if I was interested in doing a walking tour as he was just about to commence one. I jumped at this opportunity and so spent a very pleasant 2 hours walking around and learning about the history of the gorgeous buildings and of this town that was once planned to be the capital of Northern Queensland. Charters Towers was first established as a town to serve the growing cattle industry but then one day an Aboriginal horse boy named Jupiter Mosman found gold. When he showed his boss where he found it they discovered 6,000 pounds worth of gold just sitting on the surface of the ground. The indigenous people must have walked over this many times but of course as it was of no use to them they did not realize its value to the ‘white man’. Of course this then started a gold rush and there was lots of it in ‘them there hills’. Because of the richness of the finds some of this flowed into the quality of the buildings which are there for us to marvel at today. And of course many of these (110 in fact) were hotels – must have been thirsty work.

Once I met up again with Ken (who hadn’t played golf after all as he was feeling a bit queasy) we enjoyed a devonshire tea at a quaint little café then we continued our exploration of the town finishing off with a very welcome drink at the Irish Pub. Came back to our van tired but happy – and both agreeing we love this little town and will need to stay a little bit longer before we head into Townsville.

Wandered over to the BBQ area at around 4.30 as we had been told there was a visiting bush poet – Neil McArthur, presenting some of his poetry. What a laugh – he was absolutely brilliant – we will definitely be going back for more tomorrow night. This is put on at no cost (you are welcome to put a donation into his hat) by the park owners for our entertainment, and his hopeful income.

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