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Tad Lo waterfall

bathing in the river

animals in the wild

village house next to my bungalow with owner's kid

happy Laos kids

Laos village

me and some Laos kids on my morning hike

me and some Laos kids on my morning hike

this waterfall doesn't flow till the dam opens at noon(nice of my...

morning stroll

man fishing off edge of waterfall. "Hey gimme that stick I'm next!"

this kid was funny

you can't see it, but this girl had a thick line of...

Spent 2 days and one night here. Again another relaxing area with beautiful scenery, waterfalls and plenty of hiking. The bungalow Jamie and I stayed in was really cheap(20,000 kip) $2 usd and some change. we had the guy who owned the bungalows take us on a 3-4 hour trek the second morning up to a waterfall, through the forest, farming areas, and a couple villages. Great hike and what a way to start out the morning! Planned on staying here 2 nights, but we crunched our time so we could have more up north.

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