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Prisoner Emmy in the Ushuaia prison


Lunch overlooking Ushuaia

We woke up early and departed the Endeavour around 8 a.m. via bus. We said goodbye to our new friends, particularly those among the staff and crew who Emmy and I spent most of our time. The crew had a long day ahead of them - it was "turnaround day" and a new planeload of guests was arriving at 5 p.m. that day to sail for a shorter Antarctic peninsula trip.

For those of us departing, we had to kill time until the flight back to Santiago around 2 p.m. We headed to the only museum in Ushuaia of note, the maritime museum, which was housed in the old prison. Ushuaia was founded around 1900 as a prison town, in an attempt by the Argentine government to encourage people to move to this remote area. The maritime museum was small, but had a lot of interesting information on the early settlers of the area and on shipwrecks in the Cape Horn area. Although temperatures in this area rarely get much above the 50s, and in the winter are sub-zero, the earliest European explorers found that the natives did not wear any clothing, or at most a loin cloth-type outfit. Apparently they had just gotten hardended to the bad conditions. The prison museum was very interesting, and the prison itself reminded me of ones I have visited in Dublin and Philadelphia.

We then had a couple of hours to shop in Ushuaia, which Emmy and I and our friends Jason & Jacinta spent in a cafe. We had a quick lunch, and then departed via a charter flight to Santiago. As we were waiting to board in Ushuaia, we saw through the glass separating arrivals from departures the incoming guests, all wearing their red coats. The flight back was uneventful. At the Santiago airport, we said goodbye to 90+ of our fellow passengers. About 14 of us continued back to the Hyatt in Santiago for the night before our trip to Easter Island tomorrow.

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