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embarrasing tourists!

our little plane to corn islands!


view from the plane


fred & mike

our pèrsonal paradise


in the beach hut

ours is the blue one







morning sunrise

at last we got the fire lit!

boys BBQing - me just watching with a beer

mike doing his laundry




more rum





more perfect beaches....

from Ometepe we decided to head over to the Caribbean coast and try and get to the much talked about Corn Islands...very remote islands which are supposedly paradise and hardly any travellers go to because of the difficult journey to get there...there are no roads over to the east coast and is just dense, thick jungle for miles across the counry, the only access across being a twice-a-week scenic boat trip down the river from Rama to Bluefields through the jungle...very cool!

we could of actually taken a flight from managua across, but i think the boys saw this as a bit of a challenge (being very adventurous types!) as the lonely planet describes it as a "very long, challenging & uncomfortable journey - fly there" we got buses and boats the whole way - about 2 1/2 days in total!

we tried to hitch a ride from Rivas up to Managua and then over to Rama, but constantly unsuccesful - were hardly any pick up trucks and think it was difficult cos there were 3 of us...but we still didn't have any luck even when the boys went and hid in the bushes and made me flag down the cars on my own...must be losing my touch!!

From Bluefields, we'd missed the boat over to Big Corn island and there wasn't another one for a few days so we took the little tiny plane across - only a 20 minute ride but it was very cool and the views amazing so definitely worth the extra cost...seeing the Corn islands from above was wicked - it definitely looked like the paradise we'd expected!

We spent a couple of days on Big Corn island, but we didn't like it too much - a bit too built up and the beaches not that great...and we'd heard better things about Little Corn so took the spine-crunching boat journey across there...and then we truely had arrived in paradise...(was a bit like that scene in the film The Beach when they finally get there..!)

So we spent the next 2 weeks in a little beach hut on a very remote & beautiful beach - hardly any people, no electricity or running water, cold bucket showers (thankfully the weather was so hot it didnt matter having to wash in freezing water every day) fish on open fires on the beach at night, going on walks, swimming, snorkelling and of course just lying in hammocks in the sun - was just perfect and definitely my favourite place i've been to on my trip so far.

Really didn't want to leave and really think i could've spent months there - don't think i'd ever get bored of beach life! But after 2 weeks it was time to go as so many other places to see and running out of time - we were all so depressed leaving..

We said goodbye to Michael here as he's heading to south america, then after a couple of days fred and i (v miserable) took the v long and rough boat journey across the Caribbean sea back to Bluefields where we spent a couple of days trying to get back to normality (read watching cable tv in a hotel room and enjoying luxuries like proper showers and having a choice of food to eat from shops and menus!)

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