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Started the day by grubbing around my hostel trying to pack my bag in the dark with the help of a torch, headed to catch my first bus over here (greyhound) from Cairns to Mission Beach and Amanda came down to wave me off, she looked brilliant considering her 2 hours sleep whereas i looked awful, so thought we'd kill the half hour before my bus left by sneeking into the Cairns Shangri-La, and dipping our feet in their pool and having a game of table tennis! Amazing what walking around like you know where you're going does! Felt much better!

Amanda told me that some poor girl got raped in the car park of her hostel last night. Made us feel a bit sick to be honest, as we were so close because i went back to her hostel until about 5am after we'd finished partying before I ordered a cab back to mine. Bit close for comfort.

Anyway, on a happier note bus journey was great, efficient, clean, but kinda dull without the usual onions or chickens aboard that i've come to expect in Asia. Even the hostel you're booked into comes and collects you from the bus stop. I tell you travelling over here is ridiculously easy! New hostel (scotty's) is really chilled out, love it and spent the evening oh yes eating cheese and crackers for the first time in 5 months which was just heaven, cooking dinner for myself which i've actually missed (but not the washing up!) and chatting to randoms about poi that they saw me practising earlier. Having a quiet one as i'm so shattered from last night! x

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