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Our campsite

Dicks RV Great Falls.

Following the Missouri River Valley north.

Dropping down into Great Falls MT.

Entrance to the hanging bridge over to an island.

View from the bridge.

Bridge from the island.

Picnic area on the island was beautiful.

But, consider this.

Built to support Hydro-electric power.


Ryan Dam and the farthest downstream Great Falls. #3

How it looked before the dam.

Lewis's statement about the falls.

Clarks estimate of the falls.

Black Eagle Dam and falls. #1

How it got its name.

River channel between the dams.

Rainbow Dam and Falls. #2

Downstream of the falls.

How it looked before the dam with steam engine train.

Last stop with Gophie in the picture.

Just try to follow these guys.

That is all Lewis & Clark files and records.

Had to take a picture.

A visitor at our RV when we got back.

When we left Helena we climbed a low pass and then descended down into a canyon that twisted and turned through the mountains. It was just wide enough for 4 lanes of highway and the Missouri River. We took pictures, but they seem to have escaped our camera. All we have are about 25 miles before Great Falls, it opens out into the flatlands with the river winding through it. All along the river there were boats and people standing in the water fishing. Fly fishing is big around here.

Of course, the following day we went to see the falls. There are three different falls that still exist, but not to the magnitude they were when Lewis and Clark came upon them. Now, you probably should say you are going to the dam not the falls. We went to the one downstream first because it was the longest drive. The road was paved, but narrow and rough, but worth the trip. Then we headed back toward town and followed the river through town to the others. All the falls are down because of the large percentage of water going through the hydro-electric plants. A couple of the original falls cannot be seen any more because of the dams.

Of course they had a Lewis & Clark Center. It is three floors of information on there entire trip. We passed through it a little faster than most as we had seen a lot of it previously.

From here it is just flatlands to the Dakota border and beyond.

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