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We haven’t done a lot of long distance traveling these past two weeks but we have been busy!

We made a brief stop to see my parents and enjoyed our time with them so very much. Isn’t it amazing how nobody can cook as well as your own mama can! My mother is an amazing cook and she proved it, once again, during our four days with them. Bubble ring, her homemade Mexican food, home canned pickles, her homemade spaghetti sauce, pineapple upside-down cake… mmmm, what delights we experienced!

While at my parent’s house, aside from the wonderful food, we also enjoyed a relaxing stay playing games, watching Doc Martin DVDs, and visiting. I particularly took pleasure in hearing of my father’s Navy adventures and assignments while we were there this time. Although I grew up with my father serving in the Navy I was too young, back then, to truly appreciate all he did so I am grateful he shared some of those stories with us this visit now that I am older and can have a greater appreciation for what he went through.

After leaving my parents house we came south to Livingston. While in Livingston these past nine days I was available for jury duty (didn’t have to go in), we did a lot of vehicle maintenance (oil change, tire work, etc.), Blayde got a haircut, I got a haircut, we did a thorough ceiling to floor housecleaning (found my missing necklace!), and embarked on some serious shopping trips towards Houston to find a couple of little kitchen gadgets I had been looking for. With that list completed, all we have left to do is laundry this afternoon and then we will head out tomorrow to visit with friends for the weekend towards San Antonio, and then some other friends outside of San Antonio (warning for Dave and Leslie: we think we will be there on Wednesday the 9th, start thinking about foodie adventures).

We continue to wander our way towards the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and will probably arrive there around November 14 or 15th where we are looking forward to meeting up with our other “RGV for the winter” friends. It will be nice to see everyone again and not have to worry about snow or freezing up Clyde’s pipes again this winter. Ya gotta love having a house on wheels when the rest of the country is getting hit with that cold white fluffy stuff!

Happy Travels,


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