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Our campsite, Lincoln Road RV.

Talks of an Indian trail 1000's of years before Clark was here.

How this place was named Gateway to the Rockies.

The name.

About the middle of the picture, the Missouri pass through a steep...

Closer view of the start of the canyon.

Downtown Helena.

Old Govenors Mansion.

State Capitol.

We are spending a couple nights in Helena. We are at the Lincoln Road RV park. It is a very nice park. Lots of space, green grass sites with picnic tables.

About about 8 miles north of our park is a place on the Missouri River named by Lewis and Clark as the Gateway to the Rockies. It is a narrow canyon where the Missouri passes through the mountains. You can take a expensive boat tour over to it - but not on a rainy day. So you get pictures from a distance.

One of the plaques we photographed, but cannot read, tells of Clark finding a trail that the Indians used for thousands of years to go south. Indian tales say, it took 12 moons to go south and 18 moons to go back north.

We spent the rest of the day in downtown Helena. Lots of old buildings still being used with lots of modern updates. They have a downtown street named Last Chance Gulch named after the gold rush, that was turned into a walking mall. Because it was developed from mining it is located up in the hillside and not down by the river.

Other than that we just hung out for the day. Took Marley to Petco to get his nails clipped so he would not scratch us anymore.

The evening brought showers. We went to bed with the patter of rain on the roof. Marley did not like that noise. He felt it best to curl up next to Sugar for comfort. Sugar can't hear it so it was no problem for her.

Tomorrow Great Falls.

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