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We stumbled upon this in Fairview, Kentucky...

A little about Jefferson Davis...

The Jefferson Davis Monument

The Jefferson Davis monument.


That is a lot of concrete!

Willis climbed the stairs all the way to the top... my "fear...

Willis made it to the window at the top, but couldn't get...

I looked up from outside and cheered him on to the window...

This Confederate flag design is the flag that the south ended the...

This was not a fun bridge to drive Clyde over... at "The...

Narrow, steep, no sides to speak of... I did NOT like it.

That tug was pushing a big load!

One last shot of the bridge I didn't like... lanes are too...

As is so often the case, we started our drive today without any idea of where we would end up. It turned out we stumbled upon the Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site. Stops like this I find it is especially helpful to be married to my history buff Willis who can tell me all about the history and flags I am seeing.

After a nice morning at the monument we headed out towards the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area (looking at the map we thought it looked like a good place to go). When feasible, we prefer to drive roads other than the interstates as we find the sights more interesting. Of course, along with the small towns we enjoy so much on these less traveled roads, we also must put up with the occasional "non-interstate" size bridge. I'm okay with most of these smaller bridges, but today we went across one of those bridges which turns my knuckles white as I clutch the steering wheel at the same time praying that I don't meet a semi-truck in the middle of said bridge!

After crossing the steep narrow bridge we stopped so I could put my nerves back in order, fix us some lunch, and take a couple of pictures before continuing on our way.

Perhaps it was the "coolness" of the day (or the fact they wouldn't let me take a Corvette home with me yesterday) but I simply felt a little "yucky" the entire morning, so we have stopped early and didn't drive any farther today.

Seeing as how I don't really feel like cooking tonight I think it would be a good day to splurge on that KFC we've been craving for the last few days and then stay snuggled inside Clyde and watch a DVD. We will head out again tomorrow ready and refreshed for new adventures.

Happy Travels,


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