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First view down the gorge

Courts of Justice






View from the cafe









The Town Hall

The Cathedral










Sundays are usually good days to visit the bigger cities so we headed to Luxembourg City. It was forecast to be a good day and it certainly turned out that way. We found a parking spot near the station and then walked to the old town. Heather had visited Luxembourg City twice before but only for a few hours on the way to somewhere else so it was an opportunity to explore in more depth.

Luxembourg City is in an amazing location. The Old Town sits high above the two deep canyons of the River Alzette and River Petrusse which meet here in the city. Added to the two deep canyons are the extensive fortifications which were built in the late 17th century which surround the town.

We entered the old Town via one of the many more modern bridges that fly over the deep canyons. This gave us the first opportunity to look down into the river canyons. New had been blended with the old in the area of the Courts of Justice and again another opportunity to look down into the canyons.

It was Sunday and the sun was shining what better way was there to spend some time but sit at a pavement cafe just opposite the Palais Grand Ducal and the Chambre des Deputes. The palace was originally built as the town hall but in the 19th century became the winter residence of the Luxembourg royals. Next door was the Chambre des Deputes which houses the Luxembourg Parliament. As we sat in the sunshine we watched the guard outside the royal palace march up and down

After our morning coffee break we then explored the ramparts of the old fortifications and again more spectacular views down into the river canyons and the old houses of the Grund that once housed the city’s working class. We were discovering that Luxembourg City is a walking city enticing you to walk and explore its many nooks and crannies.

Walking into the main square lined with payment cafes we discovered a free concert of thirties music. Another good reason to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

We then walked the steep slope down into the valley and the Grund area. This time the views were looking up to the old fortifications and discovering the many small gardens by the river. We finally climbed back up to the old town and made our way back to the car.

Time had flown by. We had thoroughly enjoyed our day walking and exploring Luxembourg City. Certainly not one to be missed.

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