Ed & Marion -Yuma bound 2018-19 travel blog

We expected to get back to San Luis one day and explore it a bit. Not much there though(on the American side),we parked the truck walked up and down main street.The streets were filled with Mexican workers returning from the buses and shopping ,most carrying knapsacks returning home to Mexico. We then wandered into Food City and found some Mexican cookies that we enjoyed on our way back to Yuma. Overcast all day high of 17C with intermittent showers. San Luis is 22 miles south of Yuma.On the Mexican side the city is named San Luis Colorado.

Bacon..... love it cant eat enough but,we got some a few days ago from the deli dept in a local store. It was much thicker than we wanted but figured it has to be better than the stuff wrapped in plastic that is so so. Today our trailer smells like it has been in a fire. That bacon must have been sitting in the smoker and forgot about. It was not only tough but after triple smoking it...?it was uneatable!

For the first time ever I took it to the dumpster and threw it in!! Eight hours later and we can still smell the barn fire effects of it in our RV.

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