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Walking the Joliet Iron Works Ruins

Bird Dogs - Nancy, Tim and Bob

Dinner at Tin Roof

2016-10-23. Joliet, Illinois with Nancy and Tim Okal

After driving east along the Highway from Hell (I-80) to Indiana Dunes, we went back, yes, back, to the Chicago area where we met up with our friends Tim and Nancy Okal. We usually stay at the Hollywood Casino Hotel’s RV Park in Joliet but, because of Roadie’s crate and his “puppiness” , we were loathe to subject them to a night in the RV so they were nice enough to stay at the hotel next to the campground. We went to Joliet and took the self-guided tour through the ruins of the Joliet Ironworks and then hiked along the I & M Canal trail. Who knew that in an area as depressed as Joliet seems, with its empty warehouses and the skeletons of manufacturing plants, a greenway existed that was as peaceful as strolling along the Delaware River towpath in New Hope? We also had a lovely dinner in downtown Joliet at the Tin Roof restaurant with an eclectic menu and drink selection that lived up to the reviews I had read online. Of course, though the restaurant had a number of patrons, the vast majority of Chicago residents were glued to the baseball game; as we were later. After dinner, we went to the casino but couldn’t get a seat for drinks or anything else because of the enormous screens broadcasting the game throughout the casino. So, with free booze and food in the RV, and the freedom to cheer or boo with impunity, we watched as the Cubs won the National League pennant; a wonderful experience with our friends. It’s been awhile since we have had anything to celebrate about a Philadelphia team so it was wonderful to cheer for the “Cubbies”. Congratulations to them and we will be cheering for them on Tuesday even though we will be in the Cleveland area. And thanks to Nancy and Tim for making the trip from the city and for sharing their winning team with us!

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