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Corfu is not as Greecey as I was expecting...no white washed walls with blue roofs, alas that is more the stuff of Santorini and Mykonos...perhaps another trip someday. But this attractive in a run down sort of way is attractive in its own rite. It has it's old fort and new fort. The old fort has been destroyed by everyone in these parts' nemesis...the barbarians, but was rebuilt in various incarnations in the Napolean, English etc iterations.

Several sleeping dogs...in the middle of busy sidewalks. Kitties that lounge in offduty bistro chairs, beautiful bluegreen water with fish from anchovy to sardine to bluerunner size readily admired.

There is an old section, an old touristy section, a chichi section and a regular section. Here I missed my spanakopita and had to settle with similar construct of phyllo dough with a not quite riccota cheese, not quite edam cheese filling, maybe a bit salty even. Not bad. The local drink appears to be a kumquat ouzo business which I opted out of.

I realized as we were hiking around that I had not one lick of Greek to speak other than the two words I just mentioned...I had better google at least how to say hello....yassou..simple enough, and a good thing, too as nothing is legible to my best atempts, more hierogliphic that I can tell. I see deltas, epsilons and some other letters as much hebrew as english. I try out my yassou on an old auntie and an orthodox priest and much to my delight, it works!

As I am loathe to fork out $70 over to get any work done on my quite serviceable Azorean 10 euro haircut, I decide to see what will happen in a local salon. Speak any English? Not so much, ah? How much to work on these roots? Less than half than the boat? SOLD! Again, quite pleased as it didn't turn out orange, I do my part to inject some US funds into the Greek economy of Corfu. It's the least I can do.

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