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Nixon Library


Original Score by Irving Berlin


The Rose Garden

Richard Nixon's Birthplace

Marine One for several pres. including Nixon

The East Room replica

This afternoon we decided to make the short trip to Yorba Linda, CA to see the Birthplace and Library of Richard Nixon. This was a very nice museum that brought back a lot of memories ...some good some bad. It was presented in an open honest dialog that presented all sides or at least as much as we will ever know. I was glad to be reminded of the good things he did. It's the 40th anniversary of the return of the POWs from Vietnam Nam so there was a lot on that ceremony. The video of Nixon singing God Bless America with Irving Berlin was great. They also had a video of John McCain limping off the plane as a former POW.

There was a large area dedicated to the life of Pat Nixon. We overheard the docent telling a tour that when it opened the Nixon daughters, Tricia and Julie, spent 45 min. pouring over the display. They said they learned things they never knew about their mother.

After the museum we went outside to a wonderful garden where the Nixons are buried. These are placed next to the house where Richard Nixon was born in 1913. We took a tour of the house built from a kit by his father in 1912. About 80% of the furnishings are original. They were put in storage when his mother died and saved for about 20 years until the library opened. In front of the house is the Marine Helicopter that was used during Nixon's presidency. We were able to walk through this as well. Back inside there was another set of displays and a large room they were setting up as a replica of the East Room.

This was an educational day. I'm glad we went.

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