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our wagon to get gear on and off boat. Convenient waiting spot...

Yvonne and Matt

bevan in narrowboat kitchen

our tidy bunk beds (?)

Yve in her third bed. This was it!

pete's injured head. A consequence of low doorways.

enjoying the front position and the view


well yes, the fingers did get jammed at one point. But Robbie's...

This will be mostly photos with some highlights. Left Middlewich on Monday 14th then switched to the Llangollen Canal for a week on a 'narrowboat'.

First the boat external measurements: length 70 feet, the longest that can fit into English locks. Width 7feet. Thats correct not a typo.

There were 8 bunks, 4 a side with a narrow passageway netween. In the dining/lounge section 2 tables that could convert into two double beds. There were also two showers and two toilets.

Yves goldilocks story: First there was the bagged top bunk which turned to be too high, Second there was the commandeered Pete's bottom bunk, which was too claustraphobic, then third was the bed next to the dining table, which was just right! Good for a breakfast cup of tea too!

We started the trip with 7 adults and a 14 month old baby, (Mike Yve, Bevan and Jennie, Matt heir son. Pete and myself.) from late WEdnesday to Sunday we added Sherie- Matt's wife and their daughter Alyssa and two very well behaved dogs.

There were some spats, some misunderstandings and lots of banging of our own heads on low doorways. Wouldnt have missed it for the world!

When we looked at the map, it seemed we had hardly gone anywhere, the process was so slow (about 4 miles an hour, except when the 'rev heads' jacked it up a bit) We could walk as fast as the boat.

But we did get to Wales. The only part I've seen. Worth another visit I think. I picked up a leaflet "seeing Wales by public transport" might suit a lone traveller at some future date!

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