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G at USO club waiting for the plane

G waiting for plane in international terminal

Da plane! Da plane!

Sydney rail system

Where we are going to on the ferry.

Our ferry!

Sydney Opera House

Harbor bridge

Cathy on the ferry.

Sydney from the flat

October 11,2012

Arrived in Sydney after a 15 plus hour plane ride. I must say that the trip was really rather nice. We were on a double decker Quantas airplane that had a row of three seats on each side with a middle row of 7 seats.

It was big and was very nearly full. Unlike our past trip 16 years ago, we were able to fly out of Dallas. We were fed very well on the trip although poor Greg was the very last one to get his food and then they were out of BBQ so he had to have his least favorite food in the all the world, fish. I was so sad for him until he began racking in the rewards for being so slighted—extra bottles of wine, being first fed for breakfast, being one of only a few to receive a bar of chocolate from the steward. Plus the steward kept apologizing for the sloppy service. We each also had a monitor on which to watch our choice of TV programs, travel videos or movies. I chose a muppet movie—“Am I a man or am I a muppet!”—can’t you just hear me singing. I’m not quite sure what G watched but it was some rerun of a TV show. Anyway, you know how these things go—you eat; you sleep; you eat. Then we arrived in Brisbane which to our dismay meant that we had to gather all our stuff and luggage up and exit the plane. After another liquid check was done, which pretty much conformed to the rules on USA airlines, we embarked the same plane and flew on to Sydney.

We were met at the Sydney airport by our friend. Let me tell you it is very nice to have a tour guide waiting for you after you clear immigration and customs. She already had our rail passes which also got us on the ferry and they are good for our entire stay! The trip to her flat took about an hour and involved taking a train from the airport to the ferry terminal.

We were able to walk around the docks and see the Sydney Opera House.

The ferry ride was quite special as it provided wonderful views of Harbor Bridge, an architectural marvel.

Lynne’s apartment is in Cremorde Cove which is an inlet off of the harbor.

I should tell you that we did not even see 1/3 of the harbor. Apparently it is the biggest harbor in the world, but Captain Cook sailed right by it and totally missed it on his voyage! In fact, he did not think Australia was worth colonizing, with righteous upstanding people that is. After dropping off our luggage, we headed to Mosman to have lunch and get some items for dinner. It reminded me so much of London with individual stores for meat, fish, and produce. There were small hardware stores and many, many coffee shops. Lynne told us that Starbucks had closed all of its stores in Sydney. It could not complete with the coffee shops already there. After returning we went geocaching plus sightseeing along the waterway where her place is. It is so much fun finding out that other people like to geocache. Oh, I took a nap before we did that. Tiredness just overtook me; G held out but was asleep within 5 minutes when we went to bed that night. Lynne and her husband made dinner of shrimp, cooked on the barbie, fruit salad, bread and asparagus for us. That was really nice and then they send us off to bed! They have been most gracious!

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