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On to the San Diego area which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. we even spent some time playing on them in 70 degree weather. We watched surfers, boogie boarders and hand-gliders gliding off the rocky cliffs above the ocean and even a wedding taking place. We also went to Seal Beach in La Jolla which is home to 200 seals that you get to see up close and personal without bothering them. On the rocks perching above the seals were a bunch of pelicans who dive and catch fish from the ocean. The beaches in San Diego go from wide spances of sand to high rocky cliffs and it is so fun to watch the waves crashing up on the rocks. We toured the USS Midway which is a floating aircraft carrier museum who proudly served the United States Military for 47 years. It weighs 69,000 tons, is 1001 feet long, 258 ft wide, has 18 decks and had a crew of 4500 on board. It used 10 tons of food every day, served 13,500 meals every day, used 3000 potatoes, 1000 loaves of bread, 4500 pounds of meat EVERY day! It took 200 cooks on board just to make that many meals! How would you like to cook for 4500 people every day? It could carry up to 68 aircraft on its flight decks. Just across San Diego Bay from the USS Midway, the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft carrier was in port, which is part of the newest class of aircraft carriers. Just across the bay, we spent time in Coronado which is home to the Navy's largest base in the southern U.S. It is also home to the Hotel del Coronado, a world famous wooden Victorian hotel opened in 1888 and still home to famous guests such as presidents, royalty and celebrities. We even spotted a restaurant named after CoCo! Can you name something that you would like to do in San Diego? It is home to something famous that you have probably heard about. It starts with a "Z".

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