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Fossil museum in Richmond

Fossil found in the area around Richmond - dated to be 100...


Photo above shows what this creature would have looked like

Federation Rotunda in Hughendon

Contemplated staying an extra night here as the caravan park is so lovely but then decided to push on. Spent an hour or so in the Fossil museum which was really interesting. There were some amazing fossils which had been found on properties in the area and have been dated back 100 million years. What these findings show is that this area was once an inland sea and these huge creatures (one of which was 4 times bigger than a tyrannosaurs) used to live and swim here.

Back in Bessie with the next stop being Hughenden – another part of the ‘Dinosaur Trail’ but this time featuring land animals. Had a quick walk around town and photo opportunity at the Federation Rotunda, which is made from two 20’ windmills, brought in from a nearby property.

Pushed on over more and yet more flat cattle paddocks and bumpy roads until arriving at Charters Towers. Once again a lovely caravan park and so much grass!!!! You cannot believe how wonderful grass feels underfoot after weeks in red sand.

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