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Today we managed to get up early enough not only to meet everyone at 9am but also to sneak down the road for some money from the ATM and a quick Macdonalds breakfast burger.

We then jumped on the metro to head for the Summer Palace. When we got to the stop on the metro we were given the option of transferring to another station then catching a bus or going outside and sharing a cab. Three of us took the cab option and headed off on our own.

We got there relatively quickly bought our entry tickets and headed in turning right once inside the doors. We walked along the aptly naamed "long corridor" along the edge of the frozen lake looking at all the people playing on it and eventually found a way to get past the "don't go on the ice" signs and headed out onto the lake. I was convinced I would end up ass up and so took little baby steps, no doubt increasing my step count for the day and while there were a few slides I managed to stay on two feet as we walked across the ntire lake to the building in the middle where we climbed a few more naught signs and found the rest of our group who had stayed with Roy and taken the easier option of getting to the middle of lake of walking across the bridge...

We then joined up wiith them and continued walking around the palace, backtracking a little as they had turned left where we turned right, and then headed up to the biggest building we could see going for the view. After 100 steps the little voice in my ear (auto guide) told me that by climbimng to this hieght I would now live for 100 years, mind you I was feeling that I'd be unlikely to live another 100 hours at this rate.

At this point I managed to lose Tom and Helen who I'd been with and then wandered by myself for a while expecting to run into someone from the group or just cab it home when lo and behold there they were again and we caught a taxi back to the Beijing Zoo which Tom wanted to see and Helen and I were going to follow the map in my guidebook to find the subway station.

Turns out the map was not so reliable out of the city and we got a little lost but did run into some helpful chinese guys who walked us to the station and then we headed back to Wanfujing to a chemist that I hoped would supply me with some form of vicks type stuff to help with my dripping nose and chesty cough but of course no luck again.

Again we met at 6, with everyone else heading off to the oepra but Helen and I opted out and had a quiet dinner next door and a few internet hourws before an early night

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