Marion and Robins Motorhome Trip 2007 travel blog

Now we have two full gas bottles we headed back to spain to stay this time!

Back across the border at Perthus, now there is a town to be seen it really does look like a border town with strets full of shoppers and a slightly seedy air. La Jonquera on the Spanish side is rammed full of heavy goods vehicles, mostly fillingup with fuel which is cheaper on the Spanish side.The trucks are not allowed to cross the borber on the N11 to reduce congestion in Perthus so they have to go on the Motorway.

Uneventful drive through some ugly 1970's coastal development on the Costa Brava until we reached Barcelona then what a nightmare.We had been told we could park at the Olympic Port but the camper park although signposted seemed to have been closed so we got a bit lost,not helped by the fact that several of the major routes through the city seem to be underground.

A there had been a distinct lack of picnic areas or other potential stopovers we headed to Vilanova Park, a campsite about 30 miles south of Barcelona that is open all year arriving at about 6 p.m.absolutely shattered

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