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Mushrooms Sign

Fountain of Youth

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Our Dinner View on Gili Air


Seafood Feast

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Our Ride on Bali

Scenic Lookout

Sunset #1

Bright White Statue

Sunset #2

Magic Mushrooms #2

Sorry it's been so long since the last entry but we've been busy....o.k that's not really true. It's actually the opposite. We've been catching lots of sun and sand and we're now lazy and useless. There...that was good to get off my chest!

Before leaving Australia we put our pictures onto cd's and mailed them to Tanya's farm. So, unfortunately, we don't get to show you the last of our pictures from Australia. However,when we get home anyone is welcome to come over to my house (crap...I don't have one of those), I mean, my parent's house, sit down and enjoy a beer or two and look at some pics with some really cool stories. We can tell you all about the Brit who just couldn't wrap his head around the idea of beer and "Clamato" juice. "So...it's tomato juice with juice from clams...is that right?" "Pretty much" was our response. "That's disgusting!" was his response. In theory, I was inclined to agree....but some days I swear I'd sell one of my limbs for some sweet sweet beer and clam!!

We left Australia and headed back to Asia on Jan 16th. We flew into Denpasar, the major city on Bali in Indonesia. We stayed in an area called Kuta which mostly seemed to be packed with luxury resorts. Bali was stifling hot and you never felt much like going 30 feet from the pool. Yeah, yeah I know. Hard backpacking life with air conditioning and a pool. But I'm sure that my brother Norm (especially from his most recent travels to Africa) can attest to the fact that being a genetically (and yes I am refering to the genes from you Dad) sweaty mess from morning till night is anything but fun. Then again...neither is minus 40. And since everything is so cheap, we can afford the couple of extra bucks for a few luxuries.

After Bali we headed to the island of Lombok. More specifically, to the Gili islands just off the coast of Lombok. These three tiny islands are simply awesome. We stayed on Gili Air for 4 nights and I think both of us could have stayed for a month. No motorized transport is allowed on the island, horse drawn carts is how most people get around. Or you can walk, takes about 45 minutes to circle the whole thing. Coral and fish aplenty just offshore, also one of our favourite activities. And the people have got to be some of the most sincere, genuine, and laid back people I have ever met. Simply great...

We've moved this morning to Gili Trawangan, about a 15 min boat ride away. More developed than Gili Air and apparently more of a "party island". The islands have no police and "magic mushrooms" appear to be available everywhere. (At least in Kathmandu they were disceet about it.) We took a couple of pictures of signs outside restaurants advertising their special "shrooms"!! The rest of the pics are a smattering of Bali and the Gili islands. Enjoy the cold....and have a beer and clam for us!!

D and T

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