Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Keith At Seal Colony

Cute Ickle Seals

To A Land Far Far Away

Claire At Seal Colony

Keith's (Cape) Foulwind

Free Parking On The Beach -

One For The Big Ginge

The Land Of The Sandfly

The Land Of The Sandfly #2

Claire At Sandfly Lake

Didn't see much of Westport apart from the beach and Seal Colony. Man the seals might be cute but they really do stink! Keith followed through with the stinking but he put it down to his bowels being in the intestinal-holyland of Cape Foulwind!! Keith was a bit upset as we missed a place called 'Barry's Farm' where you spend all day firing and folding metal to make your very own bushman's knife. Not sure if Claire was too keen on hanging around while Keith played Crocodile-Dundee though. We also picked up our first hitch-hiker. A german guy called Colin. He was pretty shy and quite dissappointing as far as hitchhikers go. We stopped overnight in the jade capital of NZ called Hokitiki or something along them lines, beautiful beach though.

Some of the pictures are of Sandfly Lake as we affectionately call it. F*@#%^$G SANDFLIES!!! We picked what we thought was a great spot next to the lake, beautiful but infested with the little buggers. Why did God ever invent them? What do they actually do? We've come to the conclusion, after hours of drunken campsite-deliberation, that they are in fcat aliens taking blood samples. Weird but true.

Keith also found that if you eat them the others leave you alone, like some kind of weird immunity. Claire just keeps wondering whose blood Keith has actually eaten with them. Yuk. She's the only one being eaten now though ha ha ha.

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