Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Me and mom at the Harry Potter bridge

The fam with the view opposite the bridge

The famous bridge

View opposite the bridge

How cute is Heamish

Posing for the camera

Heamish was massive!

Heamish eating

William Wallace Monument

Group Photo

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I am in love with Heamish!!

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William Wallace story, as told by Fergus

We took a ferry back to mainland in the morning and our first stop was the bridge they used in the second Harry Potter movie for the train...ok now this may make me sound like a big nerd but I thought it was really cool to see!!!

At Glencoe we took a group photo with mountains in the background. We stopped to see Heamish, a HUGE hairy coo. He was really slobbery and we got to see him being fed. The guy stuck a carrot in his mouth and let Heamish take it out...ewwww! So gross but sooo cute.

Our last stop was in Sterling to see Sterling castle on the hill and the William Wallace monument. You all should know who William Wallace was by now! Fergus told us the story of his greusome death there.

It was really hard to say bye to everyone at the end. After spending 8 day with these people you feel like you really know them haha. Fergus came and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek! :) He's so fantastic haha.

Mom, dad and I headed straight for the airport and flew to Dublin that night. We got in really late and just headed to bed.

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