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Our Hotel's Beachfront

Ann Relaxing

Fruity Cocktails on the Beach

Fruity Couple on the Beach

Brad Sneaks a Kiss

Ann Enjoying the Pool

Brad and Bear Harbor Take a Siesta

Fishing Boat

Fishing Pods

Coconut Tree

Our Hotel at Sunset

Working the Fishing Nets


At the Dunes

Ann in the Desert

Sledding on Sand

Brad at Dunes, South China Sea in Back

Brad on a Trek

Ann and Bear Harbor Take a Breather

Dune Hieroglyphics

Brad in the Erosion

Bear Harbor in the Erosion

Ann Handles the Machine

Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats Galore!

Two Women

We were worried that we would be stuck in Saigon because the country basically closes down for Tet but we were able to find a bus leaving town the day of Tet for twice the normal fare. Seems everything goes up in cost for Tet. By noon we were at a gorgeous beach town called Mui Ne four hours east of Ho Chi Minh City. It took a while to find lodging though as most places were booked. We decided to splurge at $18 a night. But the place really was nice and had a swimming pool and great restaraunt. Too bad they had a sewage back up and had it running past our door when we woke up the next morning. Well, at least we hadn't paid $20 a night! There really wasn't too much to do in this place except lie around. We both read voraciously since we were away from our beloved Internet. The pool was real refreshing and the beach waters sooo much warmer than the Cape! Our second day in Mui Ne we rented a motorbike to get out to see the famous Mui Ne sand dunes. This after witnessing a very serious accident involving a motorbike and a bus. The bus was standing still so I'm really not sure how the collision occurred but they dragged two guys off and put them in the back of the jeep. Not a pretty sight to see and it made us all the more nervous to rent our own bike. But the traffic is no where near as bad as the traffic in India and I had lots of experience driving my brother's moped when I was a kid. Brad's one attempt at riding a motorbike saw him ride an inadvertant wheelie straight into the asphalt in a parking lot of Foster-Miller. He almost missed our second date because he was a bit roughed up! Its not for nothing that his coworkers call him Brad Danger Bozick. So we decided I should drive, sorry Mom. Anyway, the dunes. It looks like you're in the desert, they're huge! There were loads of Vietnamese there on their holiday. They were all having so much fun. The big entertainment of the dunes is that you can sled down them. The Vietnamese would laugh so loud every time they slowly went down the sand hills. Nothing compared to snow but when you don't have snow, heck, use sand! We just walked around and enjoyed talking to the little kids. Everyone wanted to have a photo with Brad and they all wanted to know our name. Its so funny that these little kids love us so. It seems like we only get to interact with the young generation. I would like to talk to some older Vietnamese. (Problem is, everyone you talk to is trying to sell you something, so its hard just to have a conversation.) Anyway, after a few relaxing days of doing nothing at the beach, we're off to another beach. This one a bit more happening and we plan to do some diving. Nha Trang here we come!

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