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First view of Vianden Castle

Looking down the river from the bridge

The Stadhaus

Eglise des Trinitaires

In the church

Just beautiful

The altar in the church

In the cloisters

The cobbled streets

View of the castle

Castle tower from the gateway

Tower view

Overlooking the town below

View of the castle from the town forifications

The fortifications

Town roofs

Look one way

Look the other

Final view of castle

Close up final view

Whatever road you enter Vianden the majestic castle set high on the hill of the town cannot be missed. We came in via the river road and as we parked the sun started to shine.

Walking by the river and then through the cobbled hilly streets of the town we could understand why there was a few tourist around. As we walked up to the castle we stopped at the Eglise des Trinitaires and had a quick look in to discover twin naves which dated back to 13th century and beautiful colourful shrines. We also had a quick peek into the cloisters which were lovely.

The steep climb up to the castle gave not only a great view of the castle itself but the surrounding area. The castle was at one time the home of the counts of Vianden who ruled the town and much of the area in the 12th and 13th centuries until they were defeated by the House of Luxemburg. The Grand Dukes of Luxemburg held the property until 1977 by that time the castle was virtually a ruin. The castle seen today is a reconstruction based on the original castle. As they did not allow dogs into the castle we admired the structure from the outside.

We found further view points from the original town fortifications. Certainly it took some skills in building both the castle and fortifications with the surrounding topography.

We had enjoyed our visit to Vianden and as we climbed the road out in the car we got one final look at the magnificent castle.

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