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Sugar enjoying the ride through the mountains

Marley stays planted on the floor.

Just below Lolo pass.

This was the below they were refering to.

Sign says it all.

More info if you can read it.

Parked at the summit info center.

A resident.

Gophie 3 years ago as a bachelor.

Today with his new bride.

Our campsite in Missoula.

No reservations, so we got a tight little site.

We are now in Montana. We left Orofino, ID and drove HWY 12 through the Bitterroot National Forest. The drive is a climb through Lolo Pass to an elevation of 5220 feet. The range goes as high as 6424 feet on the continental divide.

Again it is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. On both the westward and the return legs of their expedition. Lewis and Clark were unaware of the pass. they had learned of it by an Indian known as Old Toby. On the return trip at Lolo creek Lewis and Clark split into two different parties. Lewis was to go directly east to the great falls and Clark would recross over the Bitterroots and head south and turn east to cross over to the Yellowstone river. Somehow they would find each other at the Missouri river. We plan to find the location where they met up. Stay tuned for that in the next couple days.

We found the RV parks in Missoula to be full. We did get a space with only water and electric and very close neighbors. We were lazy while we were here. We had visited many of local sites on our trip to Alaska in 2011.

We are here for 2 nights.

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