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Found this Historical Marker a couple miles past our campground.

Finally some history.

We found and followed the southern rte.on this map.

Part of the trail is still visible.

More info.

Entering the village of Weippe.

Some of Lewis and Clarks words.

At the vistors center in Weippe.

At the site where this took place.

Picture of the site.

Another sign with the story.

Lots of rafters going past our front door, when we got back.

Well, I hope your not bored with history, because that is all we did today. With a little info we found a piece of the Lewis and Clark expedition. We only spent a couple of hours and saw a lot. It seems we are camped near the area where they built their canoes and started down the Clearwater toward the Snake and Columbia River.

After that we return to the RV, bathe our dogs and caught up on laundry. We are across the drive from the laundry, about as close as we have ever been. Good's still hot.

Tomorrow we head toward Missoula.

P.S. from Diana

Larry has read many history and historical fiction books. Being able to follow and try to visualize Lewis and Clark's experience makes him a happy camper. Pun intended! It also gives our trip a theme.

I'm a little concerned.. He is now reading the Jack Reacher series (Lee Child is the author). Hope he understands this is true fiction. Don't want to spend next summer solving crimes.

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