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From the hillside behind our campground.

Dworshak Dam on the North branch of the Clearwater River.

Up close and loud.

Dworshak Res. from the top of the dam.

The prairie beyond.

Canola fields everywhere.

The confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.

Entering over the bridge from Clarkston, WA.

Okay, we tell everyone we head north for the summer to escape the heat. I think we need to go much farther north to escape. It is 102 here. The good thing is it drops 40 degrees at night.

We fed and walked the dogs and turned on the air for them so we could take a ride. We won't take them in the car on the side trips. Some state or public parks won't allow pets and we like to walk around the small towns. They just sleep in the cool motorhome while we are gone. Funny how when we return they are hungry and thirsty. They just lay around and wait for us to return.

We took a ride through some back roads starting in Orofino and heading north of town to the Dworshak Dam and Reservoir on the north branch of the Clearwater River. We drove through some beautiful farm country heading back west to Lewiston. Along the way we see markers that say 'Lewis and Clark Trail' but very few markers or other information on their journey. They did pass through the mountains on horse back to this area.

We had lunch in Lewiston and did a quick drive through Clarkson before heading back to camp.

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