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Today I've found out that the Western Sahara is where Moroccan plastic bags go to die.

Well, thankfully that was as uneventful a bus trip as I'm likely to get, 11 hours on straight flat roads on a quarter full bus. I didn't sleep that well but I got enough to see me through, funny how I can't stay awake on a day bus but then can't sleep on them at night. Laayoune (or numerous alternative spellings) is dull, both in character and weather. I packed away all of my warm stuff and have been debating what to throw away and I've just had to pull it back out again, only 20° today and with a breeze it felt much colder. The city is plagued with flies too, it wasn't easy eating in a swarm of them and didn't fill me with confidence about the conditions the food was prepared in. Hopefully I'll be moving to the other end of Western Sahara tomorrow but I can't book a seat until the bus actually arrives.

I'm not sure whether to count this as a separate country or not, most people do but to all intents and purposes it is Morocco. I did have to answer lots of question from both the police and army to get in though, delaying the bus for half an hour so maybe I will count it.

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