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This is the place and this is the time if you are...

This is America's largest bulb production facility.


And every one of those flowers begged us to take their picture!











The grounds also had many trees in bloom. This is an Indian...

Pagoda Dogwood

There are many more flower photos after you see the rest of...

There is also 10,000 square feet of shopping here for everything Dutch.


We watched wooden shoes being made. This machine shapes the outside of...

The left and right shoes are being shaped as the cutting wheel...

This machine cuts out the inside of both shoes following the shape...


Shoes in these racks need to be finished using sanding and shapping...

The Dutch shoe store.

They can be customized by this lady using a wood burner.


Most of my ancestors came from these two provinces.

Our lunch of freshly made potato chips and fried smelt. That was...

Accordian player in the Marktplaats.

Wooden shoe maker. He does it all with hand tools.

The menu looked tempting but we were still full of smelt!

Each province in Holland has its own clothing style worn by the...


They manage to dance while wearing the wooden shoes (with about 10...



We walked around part of the beautiful campus.



We didn't go on this carnival ride!

More Dutch dancers performing on the street.

One man band performing on the street.

There were a few town criers around making announcements.


We also checked out the Flower Show.




This and the remaining photos attempt to capture the spectacular beauty of...




































































(Ron Writing) Our first stop this morning was the nearby Deboer Bakkerij. It’s an excellent Dutch bakery with so many great Dutch breads and pastries that it was diffilcult to choose. We settled on one of the “pigs in a blanket” and a banket (almond paste and almonds in a very light flakey crust). We discovered they also serve some scrumptious looking breakfasts so we may be back soon.

We headed over to the Veldheer Tulip Gardens & Farm on the north side of town. One of our friends and blog readers mentioned that she wasn’t seeing very many photos of tulips so we made up for that in today’s entry! There are many varieties of tulips: Lily, Triumph, Parrot, Peony, Darwin, Cottage, Orchid, to mention a "few". There were a variety of the hyacinth family and the daffodils as well. We couldn't stop taking so many pictures that some may appear as duplicates.

We worked up a big apetitie after walking a few miles around the Tulip Gardens. We headed over to Beechwood Inn for an early dinner. Several people have recommended this restaurant for its many great dishes and reasonable prices. We tried a local favorite that was new to us – smelt. This time of the year is the smelt “run” which lasts a few weeks and it’s the only time you can enjoy fresh smelt. Smelt is a little fish about the size of a sardine. They are gutted, battered, and deep fried. The remainder of the fish is edible, bones and all.

After dinner we drove back to the downtown area to see more of the Tulip Time attractions. We looked around the Marktplaats where there was Dutch food, craft items for sale, Dutch dancers performing, and some other musical entertainment. We also walked around town enjoying some more of the sights and sounds. The city of Holland is beautiful and clean. There are flower beds and flowering trees everywhere. And we had perfect weather to enjoy it all.

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