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My cousin Hildreth and her husband Henry.


Hildreth and Henry were married in this church. Our early ancestors were...

Many years ago Henry operated one of these celery planters so he...

Four men pick the seedlings from a tray one at a time...

Crops like celery and radish do well in this very rich "muck"...

(Ron Writing) We spent a fun and interesting day with a distant cousin I’d never met before. It’s kind of interesting how this all came about.

Back in the early and mid 1980’s my sister did some research to document the genealogy of our family. At about this same time I went on a business trip to Germany and on the way home, I spent several days of vacation in Holland researching my Engelsman ancestors. I was able to find a lot of information in the records stored in the Province House. Among the many things I learned was that my forefather who migrated to Nebraska had an uncle who migrated to Michigan several years earlier. Several years ago I was looking at a genealogy website to see if I could find new information. I read a request for information about an Engelsman with a first name that sounded like it might be one of my relatives. I started exchanging emails and genealogy information with that person who posted this question. To make a long story short we determined that we are 4th cousins. Hildreth and I are both direct descendants from the same great-great-great grandfather. Her ancestors tended to have larger families than mine and there are many Engelsman's living in this area to whom I’m distantly related.

This morning we met Hildreth and her husband Henry and went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Then they took us on a driving tour of the area. We visited two cemeteries where most of the Engelsman's from this area are buried, drove past the land and some of the homes where the Engelsman's first settled in this area, and also met a couple of Hildreth’s siblings who live in this area.

Later we went to Henry and Hildreth’s home where we continued our visit and looked at photo albums and genealogy books. Then we had a delicious chicken dinner prepared by Hildreth. What a fun day getting to know some distant relatives and learning about a whole other branch of my family tree.

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