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Ice on a windshield

My rock star nephew, Noah

VIP Noah and his friends

Noah reading to his Aunt Nancy

Would have liked to take these home with me

Shopping Country Village in Bothell with my bestfriend, Julie

Many ducks on the ice pond at Country Village

Country Village's famous rooster

Girls night out with Nicole and Julie at Rock Pizza




A lost tree ornament


These leaves look sugar coated

Cubes of ice

I must be in Seattle!

Making the Butter Kuchen dough with G'ma and Uncle Paul

Nicole taking her turn at mixing the dough

G'ma doling out the dough for the pans

Aunt Lorraine getting in on the process

Nicole spreading the dough. My nieces, Danielle and Sarah applying butter.

Lunch break with sister-in-law, Cheryl; sister, Linda and niece Sarah.

Wrapping and clean up

Ho Ho Ho

Five generations: Makaila, Nicole, Linda, Uncle Paul & G'ma

So many lights & stuff - Love it!

This is all one house - you really have to look closely...

More of the other side of the yard

This is a labor of love and Christmas spirit

A Bikini Barista Coffee Shop in Lynnwood - It was quite a...

A very special picture of us girls

I enjoyed my trip to Seattle to spend with friends and hanging with the family to make our traditional German Butter Kuchen, that we enjoy on Christmas morning. We make it on a Saturday normally a week or two before Christmas. We gathered at G'ma and Uncle Paul's to make it. The early risers in the family, Uncle Paul, G'ma, myself and Nicole mixed up the dough around 9am. It consists of a yeast bread dough with lemon rind in it. It is kneaded to a satin finish and put in our special ceramic turquoise bowl for rising. At this point the other girls in the family start trickling in to join in the process. After the first rise, the dough is pushed down and it rises one more time. Now G'ma starts doling out dough for some of us to push around in a 9 x 13 until it is a thin layer. Then it moves down the production line for chunks of butter to be placed all over and then continue down the line for a generous dose of cinnamon sugar. The pans are then stacked with paper placed over them for a final rising. The bottles of Ballatore sparkling wine are opened and we enjoy lunch and each other. Just about the time we are finishing up, it is time to start baking. Then there is the process of cooling outside in the cool air and the final process of wax paper and foil wrapping. The whole process takes about 7 hours. We triple the batch, so we got 18 pans this year. I don't know anyone else that makes this delicious treat. Wish I could share a sample with you, but you will have to take Len's word that it was like nothing he had ever tasted and was scrumptious. I'm sorry to report that our Christmas morning with be void of Butter Kuchen, because we couldn't keep our fingers out of it when I got it home! I'm thinking of making a single batch next week if time permits.

I was a good girl and walked every morning while in Seattle. I miss walking the hills. It is a much better workout then the flatness of AZ. The mornings were a brisk 20 degrees and gorgeous. I took the camera with so I could share the glistening beauty I saw.

Friday I got the privilege of surprising my nephew, Noah at his school. My girlfriend, Julie shared in the fun. Noah was VIP in his classroom all week. Being that I was in town, my sister, Linda asked me to surprise Noah in his classroom for lunch. Surprise we did. We brought him McDonalds Happy Meal and got to met his friends. He shared his special items and pictures that he brought in to share with his class. It was a special time. Love you Noah!

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