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Parking Exit

Oh that is where we are!

Cologne Cathedral

The inside height

One of the many stain glass windows

Some more stain glass

The altar

Another from inside the cathedral

The carved altar piece

Another stain glass window

Looking up

Another view of the cathedral

The train station

One of the many other churches in Cologne

The Rhine river

Lock anyone?

View from the other side

Another view of the cathedral from the walkway

These smell strange Mum!


We had intended to move the coach to Cologne or Koln but we couldn’t find a suitable campground or stellplatz. We decided we would have a long day and drive to the city. The autobahn was good except a short delay due to road works. The only thing you had to be aware of was the BMW’s etc hammering it doing 100mph plus in the outside lane! We followed the signs to the city centre and found a car park. As we walked out of the car park we found we had parked right under the cathedral. Really convenient!

The cathedral looked impressive but dirty from the outside although we learnt later that the impressive towers were a later addition. The construction of the cathedral started in 1248 but worked stopped in 1560 and so the cathedral remained incomplete until the mid- 19th century when it was finally completed.

Entering the cathedral you did not get the wow factor we had experienced on entering Aachen Cathedral. Yes the sheer height of the cathedral gave an impression of grandeur and there were many beautiful stain glass windows but it lacked the splendour of many of the English cathedrals.

From the cathedral we wandered to the water front on the River Rhine passed the quite impressive railway station. We walked the bridge across the Rhine which had an impressive collection of locks which Daisy found particularly interesting. We then had a wander through the city and the many shops trying to find a mobile phone shop to ask question about mobile internet options as so far we had found Germany lacking in the availability of Wi-Fi locations. Compared to England where you fall over mobile telephone shops it took us quite a while to find a shop and then they were not very helpful.

The noise of the big city was getting to us so we headed back to Aachen.

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