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Standing on Charlie and Connie's deck looking out at West Crooked Lake...

Charlie and Connie's place at West Crooked Lake Resort.

Charlie and Willis



This was the first time Blayde had ever been on a boat....

I was trying to snap a picture of this loon mother and...

Another attempt at a loon picture.

A final attempt to capture the loon and her baby on the...

Blayde playing in the playground at West Crooked Lake Resort.

Worlds Largest Tiger Muskie in Nevis, MN.

"Is Daddy really going to feed me to this big fish?"

Having a beautiful weekend off we accepted an invite from our friends, Charlie and Connie, to visit them at West Crooked Lake Resort where they are the resort caretakers for the summer. After a lovely trip, driving through towns such as Cambridge, Princeton, St. Cloud, Royalton and Nevis we arrived at West Crooked Lake Resort. Such a pretty lake!

It was so fun to visit with our friends as they took us on a delightful boat ride and then grilled yummy hamburgers on their deck. While at their place I was really excited to see a bald eagle glide fairly low over our heads (twice) as if he had not a care in the world. My goodness he had an impressive wing span! I wish I had had my camera in the ready.

As Willis, Blayde and I went to sleep that night in Clyde not a sound could be heard; total silence in the pitch dark. After a day of fresh air on the lake, a filling meal, the peaceful silence and the cradling dark we slept like babies! Our time off with Charlie and Connie was so relaxing and fun. This weekend is definitely another wonderful memory to carry with us on our life adventure.

Happy Travels,


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