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We booked our train tickets well in advance for the long journey from Plymouth to Chester. The route required us to make two changes along the way, but the first leg was three and a half hours so we had time to settle in and I got to work on labeling my photos and writing their descriptions. I had a window seat so I didn’t miss much of the highlights along the way.

The first major stop was at Bristol, but we weren’t required to change trains until an hour later in Birmingham. From there it was a short trip to Crewe, where we transferred to a Welsh train that passes through Chester. It was great to be on a train and not have to drive any longer as the weather went from just cloudy, to cloudy and wet.

It’s bad enough to have to adjust to a standard transmission, while driving on the left-hand side of the road, without having to deal with slippery roads as well. The local drivers are courteous for the most part, but there’s always some who like to speed no matter what the road conditions dictate.

The previous day, we were leaving St. Ives on a pleasant Sunday morning The rains had vanished, the sky was brightening and shortly after we left the lovely country roads and merged onto the highway, we encountered an accident that appeared to have just happened. Several cars had stopped across both the lanes and there were no oncoming vehicles.

I had noticed what looked like the old highway just below us on the left, so I made a u-turn and headed back to the traffic circle a kilometer or so behind us. I took the exit onto the secondary road and in that way we were able to bypass the accident. For the next fifteen minutes or so, after we had joined the highway again, we kept seeing oncoming emergency vehicles speeding to the accident scene.

What a terrible way for anyone to start a Sunday morning. We only hoped that everyone survived without too many life-altering injuries.


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