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Our hotel from the road

Cakes just like Ann’s in France - but cheaper!

Fruit and veg market. So many varieties

Flower market. Fantastic bouquets and displays.

An Inca house, but not built correctly

One of the buzzards we saw at the volcano. This one had...

The bridge destroyed in 1920. Left to remind people of the power...

Hair cut sir?

Nancy our hairdresser

View from the top of the new cathedral. Built in 1880s

Well here we are in sunny Cuenca. Named by the Spanish after the city in Spain. Unfortunately it was not sunny but overcast which was not a bad thing. The rain threatened but never quite started. Diego and Faust came to meet us at the hotel but no vehicle so Faust bid us adios and left us to wander around. We were not really sure what to expect. Cuenca is a UNESCO world heritage site but as we had never heard of it we were not sure what to expect. Diego had taken the view that there are only so many churches and museums you can look at so we wandered about the city and just took at the sights and sounds. It made for an interesting day as we looked at the markets and street sellers. Good thing was that no one bothered us trying to sell anything. If you approached them they would sell to you but no hard sell or pestering you. We looked at lots of stuff and then went for a coffee and wandered round the Panama hat museum where they showed you how to make them and you could buy them if you wanted. They looked really spectacular but we did not buy any. Alison got a lovely hat that would look wonderful at a wedding. After this we left Diego and went back to the hotel for a bite to eat. Fajitas was the order of the day and they were delicious. We quizzed one of the ladies at the hotel about hairdressers and she told us Nancy was the person to go to and it was just down the road.

So we walked into this hairdressers shop much to the shock of the staff. Nancy was soon found and she cut Bob’s hair first using clippers and finally finishing the look off with a cut throat razor! She made an excellent job and so I decided to get mine done as well. She was very good although she did not want to talk about where I was going on holiday next time or how the football was going. I think I need to improve my Spanish to hold this type of conversation in Ecuador. Anyway I now have a smart hair cut which should keep me going until the end of our holiday. Equally Nancy did not ask us if we needed anything for the weekend. We told the lady at the hotel that we had been to Nancy’s and she was so pleased as no one staying here had used the hairdressers before. Another first for us and British relationships abroad.

Then it was back to the four of us wandering around the city and climbing up the new cathedral. It was a lovely view across the roof tops which looked a bit like Florence with all of the red tiled roofs.

Ice cream to finish off the day and then back to the hotel for more Pisco Sours in happy hour and planning the evenings activities. Probably a nice meal and off to bed.

Tomorrow sees us leaving Cuenca and going to the coast via another national park. This then leaves our final section when we go to Galápagos.

The last few days have been different as the weather has been cloudy and rainy but has not stopped us doing anything.

Not sure that it has been spectacular in the way that early parts have been. But I think that this was a nice quiet time that was required and preparing us for next weeks hectic adventure. Would I come back to Cuenca? Probably not but if I was passing I would certainly enjoy staying here again. The travelling has been hard work and boring at times but this was more to do with the weather conditions. Diego and Faust have looked after us well and we are still enjoying ourselves.

Hopefully I should post something when we arrive at Guayaquil but not sure what connection we will have on the boat around the Galápagos.

See you soon and off we go for some more cocktails and food.

Missing you all very much :-)

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