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Oxford University

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Bull Inn

Just where did we have to take the inverter? Well, we had been saying Portsmouth, but in actual fact it was Plymouth!! We did realise this fact before we left Newark but it was a bit further to travel than Portsmouth! However, one wrong turn and we were stuck in a traffic jam travelling just 6 miles in 2 hours!! Not happy Jan. That was this morning at 9am which meant we didn't get to Plymouth until 2pm. and consequently didn't get back to the boat until 7pm, after a few more traffic hold ups on the motorways.

However, we did have a good day yesterday making our first stop in Oxford, where, after finally finding somewhere to park we had a wander around the city.

some lovely old buildings and lots of gargoyles

then we made our way to the night's accommodation. The lovely old Bull Inn, in Sonning on Thames. A lovely village.

Tony clonked his head once, but it was so quaint and quirky - the floor of the bedroom sloped so much that we virtually ran down from the the top of the bed to the bathroom, which wasn't very far, but it was hilarious. the suitcase rolled itself from the door to a spot under the table.

We had a lovely roast dinner and went for a walk around the church yard next door and along the river bank. The church was built in the 12th century (the first part of it) and the first vicar started in 1222. So much history. Lots of interesting gravestones to read.

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