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Mud pools bubbling

We are up early to get back to the National Park this morning at opening time, 8am. We go straight into the park and walk the trail to see the geothermal activity from the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. On the way, the path takes us across 3 bridges and past a beautiful waterfall and we are constantly on the lookout for wildlife. We see quite a few birds, a Black Guan, and then a treat, two Curassows, a male and a female together, also a frog that is very well disguised in the mud and another snake, however, this one is well up in a high tree. I love spotting wildlife, its such fun and very rewarding most of the time.

The first of five volcanic activities we see from this volcano is the bubbling hot springs that are emitting steam and a sulphur odour. Next are the mud pools and the hot mud is shot up into the air from below. Then we see what they call 'volcanito' as it looks like a small volcano with the gurgling mud representing lava. Next is a larger area of connected mud pools and several bubbling areas of mud. Finally we see an area with water that is still at a very high temperature but it has taken on a orange shade from the minerals. There are also fumaroles everywhere where steam rises from the hillside and this gives the whole area an eerie feel. We walk back along the trail towards the exit, still hoping to see some animals or birds. but it is less likely now as it is the middle of the day, however, we are almost to the entrance and see a deer sitting peacefully under a tree. This National Park is quite amazing, not only for the geothermal activity, which we have never seen before, but also for the wildlife.

Back to our Hotel and we enjoy a late picnic lunch down by the lake with the leftovers we bought yesterday. Then we have a couple of hours to relax in the hammocks that are outside every room. I got out my kindle and read and almost fell asleep. At the same time as yesterday, 3pm, we go back to the trail where we saw all the animals and birds, to try our luck again. It starts to rain lightly and we do not see anything along the trail. It just shows how lucky we were to see so much the previous day. The rain is now a little heavier and we decide to turn back but just up a little further we see another 4 or 5 toucans very close to where we saw them yesterday. This time they oblige us by remaining still on the branches and we get to have a good look at them. The toucan is probably my most favourite bird and I loved the experience of seeing them so many times.

Back to the Hotel near dusk and time to go to the bar for drinks. We ate in the Hotel again. I ordered steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The steak was delicious and so tender, I really enjoyed it, US$15.

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