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blue crabs

big eyed grouper

silver fish, name unknown

structural supports, opera house

structural supports, opera house

structural supports, opera house

outside tile on opera house

opera house

Royal Botanical Garden

Oct.12, 2012 G and I woke up to a wet, blustery day today. Seems like we beat the law of averages which says that Sydney has 300 days of sunshine and 64 of clouds and rain. It did not stop us though . We ate breakfast, lazed around a bit and then hit the road in the Mini Cooper. I got to ride in the back seat due to the fact that I am short and don’t require as much leg room as G. Our destination was the fish market which turned out to be the cleanest, old fish market I have ever seen. Australian fishermen and shopkeepers really know how to display their wares. There were blue crabs, orange groupers, white clams, and plenty of silver fish arranged prettily on platters of ice.

There was also a bakery with scones and hot cross buns—so British! Later in the day, we took the ferry over the Sydney Opera House and had lunch and then a tour of the opera house. It really has at least 4 different venues for the arts including specific theatres for opera and for the symphony.

Do you think the MSC knows this? I never knew that the purpose of box seats (actually the outside support structures) was acoustical and not for pricey private seats. In fact we were told that they are not particularly good seats. Speaking of support structures, it took 16 years to complete the Sydney Opera House in large part because they had to decide how to efficiently build a safe structure. They did this by making long concrete forms which were hoisted into place and attached to other long forms.

Next to the Sydney Opera House is the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We went to tour the gardens but got caught in rain and wind and decided instead to go the Museum of Art. Besides the paintings being interesting, the rules of the museum were different from those found in the USA. You could take pictures of all the paintings except those in the special exhibit hall. I kept wondering why the guards did not confiscate the cameras. Also, there are not alarms around the paintings. You could touch them if one so chose. I did not! Other differences we have noticed are a lack of police sirens (indeed, we have seen no police), fire engines, or ambulances. Also, pedestrians have the right of way if they are in crosswalks or if there are not crosswalks within so many meters (how many I’m not sure, I’m still working on converting meters to feet).

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