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President Reagan was born at home above a store in a small town in Illinois and spent his childhood in that state. What made him famous before he became our 40the President was that he was a very successful actor and appeared in many movies. The name of the "flying White House' is called Air Force One and it only has that name when the President is on board. At all other times, it is called by it's tail number. Whenever the President travels, there are 2 airplanes that look exactly alike for security purposes. The President can do any business on board Air Force One that he can do in the White House. A top security person who always travels with the President carries a briefcase which they call the "football" that contains all the secret information needed in case of an attack. While in the LA area we also saw many other interesting things. We saw the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater which was built in 1927 and is so beautiful. IT is in the middle of Hollywood and is the most sought-after theater for movie premiers. In front of the theater there are footprints of many famous movie stars. It is just down the street from the new Kodak Theater. The Kodak Theater was built in 2001 and is where they hold the Academy Awards ceremony. You may know it best as it also hosts the finale of American Idol. We also saw the famous "Hollywood" sign, walked the "Walk of Fame" which has big stars embedded in the sidewalk of celebrities that goes on for blocks on both sides of Hollywood Blvd. While Hollywood is world famous, for the most part it is very rundown and dirty. Other things we saw while in the area was the Capitol Records building which has made many, many singing artists famous such as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Duran Duran, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt and Frank Sinatra. It was originally designed to replicate a stack of 45 RPM records but has recently been redone to resemble a stack of CDs. We also drove through Beverly Hills, the home to many movie stars. We didn't see anyone famous but when we drove down Rodeo Drive which is the most famous shopping district in America and is only 3 blocks long, we saw a yellow Bentley which many famous people own. We saw the famous Santa Monica Pier and drove beside the ocean and up to Malibu where we saw many fancy homes said to be owned by the famous people who live in Beverly Hills. On the drive back to the CoCo Locomoto from Malibu, we drove past many, many fields of strawberries, lemons, oranges, and different kinds of vegetables, none of which they were harvesting at this time. Can you name the ocean we drove along? Can you guess how much a Bentley car costs? Can you have your teacher or your parents come up with the other name for Hollywood Blvd. It is a famous highway from Chicago to Los Angeles, was a TV show and hit song back in the 1960's. There are lots of fun things for kids to do in the LA area...can you name some of them? We stayed just 2 miles from Magic Mountain and wish you could have been here so we could have taken you there.

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