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The Plankatank River that flows into Chesapeake Bay. Next to our campsite.

Plankatank River looking toward Chesapeake Bay.

Along the Plankatank River.

Our canpsite at Chesapeake TT Preserve.

Sunset on the Planketank River.

Sunset sky in Eastern Virginia.

Sunset behind our camp toward the river.

Oct. 3, 2009 Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails

We camped along the Plankitank River which flows into the Chesapeake Bay about 15 miles from here. A lot of major maritime area on the east cost is near here at Newport News, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Our preserve is near Gloucester which is a colonial era town. This is beautiful country in Virginia and so far we have had wonderful weather. It has been mild with most days sunny and in the 70’s. The campground is in an ideal setting and we were fortunate enough to get a very scenic spot with the river running along the outside our windows. We have enjoyed walking around the park and watching the foliage along the river begin to put on color. What a blessing.

Two of our days we spent visiting two historical lovations. One of them we toured Williamsburg where they do lots of reenactments of early crafts and social situations with actors in colonial costumes. Another day was spent in Yorktown walking around and seeing all of the colonial pre Revolutionary War homes and buildings. Then Yorktown Revolutionary Battlefield Museum and the battlefield tour. Both days I will describe in separate journal entries.

Ron and Kathy Mulles were already here when we arrived and are leaving almost a week after we do. We have had a good time visiting, playing games, walking, and going out with them. This past sunday we went to a spectacular church building. It was home of the Ebinezer Baptist Church. Along a local country highway, the building is all brick and was most recently rebuilt in 1949. Not really old compared to some buildings we have seen. However the inside of the building was spectacular. Built in an octagon shape it had a very high dome ceiling. Two large stained glass panels on opposite walls framed the platform with of Jesus the Shepherd and Jesus with a child. In the middle there was a stained glass dove diving with an olive branch in it’s beak. Very nice. The sermon was also a good old Baptist biblical type spoken with a Virginia southern drawl. Very good too.

You can tell that in this part of the world they build their roads along old wagon routes and trails. Sometimes you can get quite confused about where you will wind up. I attempted to go the right direction to Yorktown from the campground, about a 45 minute drive normally. I got turned around twice and went the opposite way before getting it right. For some reason east seems like west and visa versa. Most of the roads are narrow without shoulders and only two lane wide. Not too many freeways either. The trees and fields come right up to what gravel their is on the shoulders. The fields on the farms are also looking very fallish. Soy beans are drying out with their leaves turning brown. We have been looking for tobacco fields around here since Virginia use to be a big grower. We were informed that they are pretty well gone by now. Most tobacco growing is done further south in the Carolinas. Our next campsite is in what was a former tobacco plantation in North Carolina. That should be interesting.

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