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Just thought I'd do a quick posting on Puebla. Our journey here took about five hours, but the trip went through some of the most beautiful countryside we've seen next to Utah. Very rugged and mountainous with churches poking out of the middle of nowhere. We also were treated to two movies (yes, there are movies on the Mexican buses): Cold Creek Manor and Godzilla, both of which were better than Million Dollar Baby.

The Puebla bus station was the size of a major airport. We nearly got lost finding our way out. It was particularly entertaining to watch a couple people try to comprehend the pay turnstiles at the bathrooms. Two older folk were trying to get in and one person was trying to get out. All of them were clueless. There are actually two turnstiles, one for entry and one for exit. The incoming person was trying to help his lady friend in, but when he put in the coin, the guy coming out tried to go out the indoor and consequently got trapped in the turnstile. It required several coins to free this idiot and get the other two in the bathroom.

Our plans earlier today were to hang out in Puebla for some awesome mole and a trip to the Great Pyramid of Cholula, then bust out on Friday to make our way to Guanajuato and some of the remote areas in the north east. However, our plans may be changing: Puebla at first blush seems like an incredibly cool place to spend a few days. Our hotel is two blocks off of the zocalo and just about everything else cool, and our room has a bathroom (woo hoo says Sam) and is cheaper than our room in Oaxaca. We haven't seen any tourists as of yet and people are REALLY friendly. Plus, there are some nine varieties of mole produced here, and the chicken mole enchiladas that Sam had for linner were really damn good. The city has lots of very cool architecture and restaurants, but they all feel like a normal city with everyday comings and goings - we haven't seen a postcard shop yet.

So, perhaps our plans will change . . .

Hasta luego.

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