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Great To See Friends Bonnie, Jane and Sharyn At The High Level...

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We had a wonderful ten days visiting friends that we were not able to see on our earlier visit to Edmonton in July. I was even able to squeeze in a couple of NAET treatments at the Shen Health and Wellness Centre with Tamara. She was very accommodating and even invited me to interrupt her week off by coming to her vacation home at Evansburg for a treatment. We had not seen each other since our time together in Beijing last October and it was great to catch up on everything that had happened in our lives since then. Tamara has travelled all over China and speaks fluent Chinese, so she could really appreciate all that we had seen and done during our four months there.

Earlier this spring we had received a surprising email from a former neighbour of ours, from the years that we lived in Keegano, a non-profit housing cooperative in Millwoods, Edmonton. Kerry Thompson now works from home and one day on a break, she stumbled across a link to my journal on the Alberta Motor Association’s website. She was astounded to see our photo on the My Trip Journal homepage and promptly sent us an email to tell us how happy she was to learn of our new life on the road. We were able to squeeze in a quick visit with her back at Keegano and to catch up on all the news of our former neighbourhood. It’s been thirteen years since we bought our condo in Garneau and moved away from the co-op.

Just before leaving Edmonton I was able to get together with three longtime friends, all of us related in one way or another to the Physics department at the University of Alberta. Sharyn Menon, Jane Filipow and Bonnie Austen’s husbands were colleagues of Anil’s when they were doing post-graduate studies at the university in the late 60s and early 70s. In fact, the men are spearheading a Physics reunion this year in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the University itself. Unfortunately, the reunion is being held late in September when we are committed to visiting Anil’s nephew in New York.

I have included a photo of the Physics intramural field hockey team taken when Anil was studying for his PhD. Larry Filipow is the blond fellow in the white shirt (the goalie), Dev Menon is in the back row on the far right and Anil is second from the left at the rear. What a motley crew wouldn’t you say? Dave Austen isn’t in the picture, perhaps he was the one taking the photo.


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