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Blayde taking his Mommy to the beach on Mother's Day.

"Run faster Mommy, I want to dig a hole here!"

For Belinda... "See! The Beach!"

Our spot for the evening at the Crystal Lake RV Park in...

It is Mother’s Day and I want to take our little four legged “baby” to the beach but have discovered that this family feat is nearly impossible on the Florida coastline!

Every single beach we would pull into had a “No Pets” sign. Finally, after checking at numerous beaches, I saw a Sheriff’s Deputy stopped on the side of the road so I made a U-turn and approached him asking, “Are there any pet friendly beaches anywhere along this coastline?” I explained to him that I simply wanted to take a walk on the beach with my husband and little eight pound Pomeranian and I couldn’t find any place to do this. He said that all the beaches were “No Pets” but that as he patrolled this particular portion of beach he “would not see a little Pomeranian walking along with his humans” if that were to happen right then. I could have hugged him! I quickly found a parking spot and off the three of us went to the water’s edge.

Blayde loved it! He would run away as the waves came in and then charge at them as they went back out… as if the waves were alive and playing a game with him. He also loved digging holes, one after the other, in the soft sand. Things were going along very nicely until Blayde suddenly decided he didn’t want to be on his leash anymore. Blayde has recently figured out that if he acts quickly, when I’m not looking, he can back out of his harness and “make a break for it”. So, there we were, breaking a rule allowing him on the beach, and Blayde decided to pull out of his harness and run as fast as his little legs can go (which is pretty fast)! Will and I were trying to catch him as he ran circles around us laughing and charging through the sand. Finally, when he couldn’t run anymore, Blayde collapsed in an joyful heap at Will’s feet and we grabbed him up, placed him securely in his little harness (fairly snug this time) and walked back to Clyde hoping that we hadn’t caused too much of a commotion after the nice deputy had kindly allowed us that time on the beach with Blayde. Looking back on the “beach run” I have to say that Blayde truly looked as if he was having the time of his life and overall we can declare his first beach experience as a joyful time.

We then finished our coastal drive for the day and have now settled into a nice RV park (Crystal Lake RV Park in Scottsmoor, FL) for the evening. On to Fernandina Beach to visit with family tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Travels,


(Mark - Thanks for calling me for Mother’s Day, you know I always love hearing from you!)

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